Day Trading Express

Day Trading Platform

for Interactive Brokers

Professional Trading Platform. Fast & Easy To Use.


Day Trading Express is focused on making the most efficient day trading platform. Including every feature you need for day trading in a single platform.


Fast Order Execution

Direct market access with hotkeys. Instant position updates. Making sure you're in and out of positions in a matter of milliseconds.


Interactive Charts

Fast and easy to read charts with basic indicators. We got you covered and no need for extra charting software.


Stock Scanners & News

Keep track of the market and the stock news. Scan stocks live for new opportunities.


Layouts & Widgets

Create custom layouts with your favorite widgets (e.g. Level 2, Time & Sales). Run multiple instances of the application on different screens.


Cross Platform

Works across all platforms without extra software (e.g. Virtual Machine). MacOS, Windows & Linux.


Instant Activation

Get up and running in minutes. Use your existing Interactive Brokers data subscriptions.

How It Works

Connect directly to the market through interactive brokers API

Run IB Gateway or IB Trader Workstation software (stable release) & Enable API connections.
Download IB Gateway


1. Uncheck Read-Only API checkbox
2. Set port to 7496
3. API -> Precautions -> Bypass Order Precautions for API Orders
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Download Day Trading Express, Register or Login and enter API port selected from step one.


You're now logged in and connected to Interactive Brokers via the API and ready to trade.



Simple pricing. try for free and cancel anytime.

Yearly 60% off

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do. We offer a free 7 days trial you can cancel anytime.
We reuse Interactive Brokers market data via the API. You do need to have active paid market data subscription and it can be used both by IB TWS platform and Day Trading Express.
Complete market data subscriptions for North America:
  • Cboe BZX Depth - Trader Workstation USD 8.00 /Month
  • IEX Depth of Book - Trader Workstation Fee Waived
  • NASDAQ (Network C/UTP) - Trader Workstation USD 1.50 /Month
  • NASDAQ BX TotalView - Trader Workstation USD 3.50 /Month
  • NASDAQ TotalView-OpenView - Trader Workstation USD 15.00 /Month
  • NASDAQ TotalView-OpenView EDS - Trader Workstation USD 1.00 /Month
  • NYSE (Network A/CTA) - Trader Workstation USD 1.50 /Month
  • NYSE American, BATS, ARCA, IEX, and Regional Exchanges (Network B) - Trader Workstation USD 1.50 /Month
  • NYSE ArcaBook - Trader Workstation USD 11.00 /Month
  • NYSE OpenBook - Trader Workstation USD 25.00 /Month

Make sure to change your market data subscriber status to "Non-Professional" if eligible. The price is different based on your status.

Interactive Brokers has data subscriptions limits for example if you want to have over three level II windows you need to increase the limit by buying a "Quote Booster" in the Market Data Subscriptions page in your Interactive Brokers account.
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Non-US account holders can trade CFDs without PDT limits in Interactive Brokers

PDT Rules for US Stocks